Password Management For E-Life And E-Business

How many passwords do you need to remember everyday? In today electronic era, we all have many passwords to remember everyday. For examples, ATM, emails, internet banking, instant messenger, VOIP phone, blogging, etc etc. Do you find it a headache to remember so many passwords or to generate so many passwords for so many services? We will discuss in this article how you can manage the saving and generation of passwords.

First of all, we must understand that passwords are important to ensure security of our personal account or particular in electronic world. You should not compromise your passwords for ease of remember. It is extremely important you use unique passwords for every individual service you have for best protection.

However, what do we need to consider when creating a password?

Rule 1: Make sure you use at least 8 characters long. The longer your passwords, the more secure the password is and it helps to prevent hacking into your personal services.

Rule 2: Use alphanumeric characters if possible. Most of the passwords are case sensitive too, so, mix your passwords with upper and lower case character for better protection.

Rule 3: Add some symbols into your passwords, for example, #, $, %, &, @ are all good characters to use.

What are the precautions do you need to focus on?

Do you ever use name, birthday, address of yourself or your spouses as passwords. Those are very easy predictable by hacker. The first few iterations a hacking program will try are your personal information. Use random characters in your passwords as much as you can.

Of course, someone may ask, if you need an unique password for every individual service, there will be tens or hundreds of passwords to remember, how can you do it?

There are many passwords management tool you can use out there. Some traditional ways is to write it onto some notebook and keep in a safe place. Or you can use your handphone, your PDA to store those passwords. Make sure that you have a master key to unlocks those passwords in your handphone and PDA as protection.

There are some computer software you can purchase to help you manage all your passwords too. There are some free one you can find on the freeware or shareware websites.

In summary, be careful and pay attention to your passwords. Create unique passwords are very important to offer yourself the maximum protection and keep these passwords in a safe place will double protect yourself.

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